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We are Picking 1 Senior or Disabled person in need to clean their home at no cost (UP to 3 man hours) 

Please let us know of a Senior or a Disabled person who needs our help cleaning their home.  

Home has to be in good living condition meaning no harmful molds, Pest or rodents

Must be 65 years or older ( or younger if has a disability )

Must  live in the supporting communities that we serve

Dearborn, Dearborn Hts, Taylor, Redford, Riverview, Trenton, Southgate, Southfield, Belleville, Melvindale, Ann Arbor, Bloomfield, Farmington Hills.  It's our turn now to give back!

Call 313-247-0556 for any Questions

You can either mail back form or email me the answers to the questions to [email protected]

Subject   House Cleaning for Seniors

 mail it to Beacon Cleaning , 3421 Grindley Park, Dearborn, MI 48124


                                               House Cleaning for Seniors or Disability 

Name of Senior _____________________________________________________________

Address       ____________________________________________________ City__________________________

Phone number  _(___)_________________________________

* Is this cleaning for   YOU or someone you know  __________________________________________

               if it's someone you know how are you related ?  friend, family , other  _____________________________________________________

* Are you/they getting any assistant with any organization in their community such as meals on wheels etc...  ?   yes  or No

       if yes, what is name of organization ____________________________________________________________

          and what help are you/they getting ____________________________________________________________

* Are they 65 yeaars or Older?  Yes or No

Do you/they have any disabilities that makes it hard for you or them to clean?   Yes or No

     if yes, please explain _________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you have any rodents, pest or Black Mold     Yes or No  if Yes, please explain _________________________________________


* Explain why you or a senior you know needs help with cleaning____________________________________________________________


* How did you hear about this program? _______________________________________________________________________________

* If chosen, What days and times work best for you for us to clean__________________________________