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Here's a Guideline to help both you and us to get your home Cleaned just the way you like it .  To complete a job within your budget check off your priorities that you want done or check ALL if you have no time frame.   Print this page and please give to our cleaners signed before and after job has been completed. 

Kitchen/Dining Room    ____ Exterior Cabinets   ____ Stove top    ___Counter Tops  ____Microwave   ____ Fridge exterior
   _____Sink  ____outside dishwasher   ____ Table_____ walls   ____ Floors  _____ Baseboards  ____ Windows/sills 
    _____Blinds       or CHECK for ALL ______

FOR MOVE IN OR OUT  _____inside cabinets  ____oven ____inside Fridge/freezer   or check for All ____
  anything else added ___________________________________

Bathrooms     ____Sink  _____Toilet   _____ Shower   _____Tub    _____ Mirror ____Floor  _____Baseboards   ______  Walls  ____Door and Frames
_____Inside windows     _____Blinds
Added      ______________________________________________________________________  Check for all ______

Living Room  and Family room   ____ Dust furniture   ____ Picture frames, lamps etc....    _____ Vacuum /mop floors   _____Vacuum furniture
______  Baseboards    ______Wash walls or spot clean     _____Clean Door frames    _____ Inside Window inside and sills    ____ Window Frames
 ___ Ceiling Fan   ______Blinds    _____Bookshelves   Added _______________________________________________________________

Bedrooms    _____ Dust    _____Vacuum or mop   ____Baseboards   ______Spot clean walls   _____Door frames and doors  ____Make Beds
____ Ceiling Fans  _____ Inside Windows and sills     ______Window frames   _____Blinds    Check for All_____
Added _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Basement   Please be detailed what needs to be done ___________________________________________________________________________

Sunroom  please be detailed what needs to be done  _____________________________________________________________________
*note Blinds and windows can be time consuming so please keep that in mind as well as cleaning out oven and Refrigerator

I am signing this stating that above are the my priorities I would like done within _____hour at the rate ________ I understand if all can not be completed I will be notified to see if I want the cleaners to continue at the going rate. Signed _________________________________ date_____

The job was completed and I am satisfied with the job  Signed _________________________________________________
I am unable to be home at time of completion I understand I have 24 hours to have someone come back out to do any touch ups only up to 15 min. If we need to stay longer the rate is $25 per 30 min.